A deep dive into the war against the pandemic.

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It has been over a full year since we started this difficult battle against Covid-19 and it has cost us dearly. These fast-spreading microscopic creatures that are too small to be even be seen with the naked eye have somehow shaken the entire world and changed life as we know it. People all over the world are racing against the clock to fight this pandemic. We, the bright minds of the internet and aspiring Data Scientists, can do our part by using our skills to generate powerful insight that can make the lives of those affected a little better.


Throughout my bachelor’s degree, I had developed a keen interest in Machine Learning and its applications. So naturally, my four years in college were for the most part spent working on AI projects of varying scales. It was only after graduation did I take my first dip in the ocean of Web Development. This was largely in part because of my new job at a startup that required me to help the company develop software to support a massive ongoing Computer Vision-based project.

But it was only when I wrote my first line of React code, coupled with the elegance…

Campus Recruitment is an obstacle that almost all Engineering students face at some point in their lives. As a final year Computer Science Student, when I came across a dataset titled Campus Recruitment on Kaggle, I was instantly drawn to it, in hopes of not only understanding the general trend in the industry but also of reassuring myself that I was not a lost cause. Although this dataset is from an MBA college, I think it can still be used to extract valuable information about how ones academic choices can impact their placements.

The dataset itself is rather small and…

Pawan Bhandarkar

I'm interested in Data Science, video games and art! I'm looking forward to travelling the world, eating food and writing about it.

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