Campus Recruitment: How can YOU get hired?

Question 1 :

Does the board of education affect placements?

  • Are central board students more likely to get placed than others?
  • Are these kids more likely to be offered a higher salary than others?
Placements by Board of Education
Salary by Board of Education

Question 2

Does it really matter how much you score in your school days?

Comparison of Scores Obtained by Placed vs Non-Placed students

Question 3

Is one stream inherently better than the other?

Salary by Selected Stream in 12th
Salary Distribution by Selected Stream

Question 4

Which degree and MBA specialization has the Highest Salary?

Salary by Degree type and Specialization

Question 5

Does gender bias exist in campus recruitment?


Quick Recap

  1. The board of school education doesn't matter when it comes to placements or even salaries.
  2. Placed students seem to have performed better in their 10th and 12th exams than Non-Placed Students
  3. The choice of a stream does not really matter when it comes to placements from an MBA perspective.
  4. Among the various specializations, students with a Sci&Tech UG degree and Mkt&Fin MBA specialization appear to have slightly higher salaries.
  5. The salaries for female students seem to be generally slightly lower than men.

What does this mean for you?



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